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Port Chester High School Marching Band Fundraiser
10/10 - 11/10

Band students will be going door-to-door selling delicious fruit from Florida.
If you have not been approached by a band member to buy fruit,
please click here to email your name and address 
and a band member living nearby will come to your home!

Community Event 

Superhero Fun:  5K Walk/Run for ALD
in honor of the Rojas Family
Friday 10/24 • 4pm • Port Chester Middle School

 ALD is a genetic disorder that destroys myelin, the protective sheath that surround the brain's neurons.
You can help!  Participate in the event.  Form a team to help raise money

www.bethematch.org   •   Questions or Sign Up

The registration form is attached.
5K Walk-Run Registration Form.pdf

click here

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From the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardian,


Welcome to a new school year!  As everyone is settling in to a new routine and I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your cooperation and remind you of a few procedures.


The first reminder is the arrival and dismissal procedures for those of you who are driving your children to school. In the morning and again in the afternoon, Park Avenue becomes a one way street from Columbus to College Avenues.  Orange cones are placed in front of the school to divide the roadway into two lanes.   The lane closet to the sidewalk is the drop off-lane.  Use this lane to drive up, stop your car, let your child out and then drive away.  There is no parking in this lane or in front of the school.  If you would like to accompany your child inside the school to drop them in the main hallway, you may park in another location and do so.  After dropping your child off, drive straight through to College Avenue, DO NOT MAKE A U-TURN in front of the school, and if you are driving in the pass through lane, please do not stop in the road and let your child out of the car. This same procedure remains in effect for pick-up. 


This year our classroom birthday celebrations will be held once a month.  If you would like to contribute any healthy snacks for the celebration, please contact your childs teacher for information on when the monthly celebration is taking place.  Any food sent to school for an individual celebration will be returned.


Our school day begins at 8:30 therefore please be sure your child arrives to school by 8:20 am.  Any student arriving after 8:35 will need to be brought into the building by a parent or other adult. Arriving anytime after 8:30 is disruptive for the class and your child.  Arriving 10 minutes late every day is equivalent to missing 30 hours of instruction.  Students (and their parents) who are constantly tardy will need to meet with the Principal.


Thank you for your assistance with these very important issues and your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Mrs. Taylor

Major Goals of the Park Avenue School Plan
Goal #1: To raise levels of student achievement by providing increased opportunities for language and literacy development in all classrooms.  To implement this goal we intend to strengthen the ability of children to demonstrate their understanding of written and oral texts beyond the literal level through well-organized and thoughtful writing and the effective use of language mechanics conventions.

Goal #2: To maintain a high level of student achievement in mathematics by providing opportunities for students to practice basic computation, solve multi-step problems, make predictions, identify arrangement and patterns, explain reasoning, draw conclusions and analyze situations mathematically.

Goal #3: In order to ensure a safe school environment and promote the cognitive, ethical and social-emotional growth of students, Park Avenue will continue to expand its efforts to support comprehensive Character Education grades K-5.

Goal #4: To continue to offer greater opportunities for parent and broader community involvement at Park Avenue through the continued implementation of a community school program.  Broader community involvement will not only enrich our instructional programs but help Park Avenue families secure the resources they will need to improve the quality of their lives and the readiness of their children to learn and experience success in school.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 24
Park Ave.
Halloween Dance
Wednesday, October 29
Internet Safety - Cyber Bullying Workshop for Parents
7:00 PM
PCMS Auditorium
Open to All Port Chester Residents
Parents welcome to bring adolescent children
Speaker: Tom Grimes, Ret. NYPD Detective
Board of Education
7:00 PM
Friday, October 31
Park Ave.
Halloween Parade
Tuesday, November 4
Schools Closed
Superintendent's Conference Day
Faculty & Staff Only

Today, 10/24/2014
High: 63 Low: 45
Mostly cloudy
11% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 10/25/2014
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