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Park Avenue School serves about 440 students in grades K through 5 and offers a variety of creative programs that instill a love of learning in our students.   A K-5 Dual Language Academy is an option for entering Kindergartners,  Our school places heavy emphasis on literacy and math skills and our students are involved in a grade-appropriate, hands-on inquiry based science program.  With a full day Kindergarten, digital literacy computer program, arts education, K-5 character education and an enrichment program in software coding, our students are challenge to develop their talents across many disciplines.

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    Update on the Port Chester Middle School Building - Next Discussion 11/28.

    In public meetings on Thursday November 9 and Tuesday November 14, the Port Chester School District Board of Education considered options for repairs to the Port Chester Middle School (PCMS) building on Bowman Avenue.   The mountings for one of the building’s decorative 4500 pound cast concrete panels failed on October 26 and the panel fell to the ground.  While no injuries occurred, school was closed for 6 days while emergency measures were implemented.

     The November 9 special public meeting included the district’s architects and construction manager in order to discuss not only the emergency work but a plan to permanently resolve any structural issues. A conference call also took place between the Board and its Bond Counsel and Financial Advisor to ensure that Agenda Action items a, b, and c comply with NYS statutes and fit the needs of the district. At this meeting the Board also examined four viable permanent reconstruction options presented by the architects including:

    • Option 1, remove the concrete panels, replace the windows, and keep the original unit ventilators for $6.9M;
    • Option 2, remove the panels, replace the windows, and replace the unit ventilators for $9.6M;
    • Option 3, remove the panels, replace the windows and replace the unit ventilators with those with air conditioning capability for $11.2M.
    • Option 4, remove the panels, replace the windows, replace unit ventilators, and install air conditioning in the large common areas of the library and cafeteria only for $10.8M.

    An Option 5 was examined during the Nov. 14 Board meeting:

     Option 5: Option 3 plus rebuild PCMS pedestrian bridges, replace PCMS doors, replace Edison railings, and upgrade PCHS auditorium sound and lighting (costs to be reviewed on 11/28)

     The Board also reallocated 2017-18 operating budget items to pay for the emergency health and safety work that has taken place at the middle school. Funds previously designated for maintenance projects including rebuilding of the middle school pedestrian bridges, upgrading the sound system in the Port Chester High School auditorium, and the replacement of doors at PCMS and handrails at Edison school, will be repurposed to fund the PCMS emergency work. This will permit the Board to pay vendors for emergency work already completed and to ensure maintenance of a $985K fund balance. Note that any fund balance is rolled over annually and returned to the tax payers during each successive school budget cycle. A fund balance must be maintained to address any type of emergency that may arise.

    The Board also adopted resolutions enabling the issuance of tax free bonds that will ultimately be required for completion of the permanent reconstruction and to enable reimbursement of the operating budget for expenses incurred for the emergency work. That way funds will be available for emergencies.

    The Board discussed two funding options for the PCMS reconstruction and emergency measures: 

    • Option 1: to present a new bond to the voters;
    • Option 2: is to repurpose the existing approved $79M bond.

     Both options require voter approval through a referendum that could occur as early as February 2018. This is timely because the district is incurring a $30K monthly rental for the equipment that was installed.  The cost of the emergency health and safety repairs of PCMS is estimated to be $1.6M through June 30, 2018.  Note also that replacement of the 50 year old windows and unit ventilators will yield energy cost savings for years to come. The district would be able to replace the pneumatic manual temperature control system with a computerized electronic system for maximum management. The final option selected plus the cost of the emergency measures would determine the amount proposed to the voters. 

    It is the current strategy of the Board to bond both the emergency measures and the permanent reconstruction project in order to generate building aid reimbursement for both.  For example, if the Board selected Option 4 to remove the panels, replace windows, replace unit ventilators, and install air conditioning only in the library and cafeteria, the total cost to be bonded would be $12.4M, which includes the cost for the emergency measures. The good news is that the district expects that at least 75% of the emergency work and permanent reconstruction will qualify for NYS building aid of about 69.5%. It would receive said aid after the work has been completed.

    When will the project be completed? Note that the permanent reconstruction project is processed by the NYS Education Department just as is any other project. The timeline for approval as such is between 26-32 weeks. Ground breaking is projected for June 2019.

    In the coming weeks the Board will finalize its choice of options for the PCMS permanent reconstruction and whether to present a new bond or to modify the approved building plan.   Discussion of these matters will continue at the next special public meeting on Tuesday, November 28, 6 p.m., in the PCMS auditorium.

    Port Chester Public Schools
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    PCMS Wins Khan Academy Prize

    Port Chester Middle School has been awarded a $500 prize from Khan Academy for excelling in a six-week challenge called LearnStorm.  Thousands of schools participated in this year’s challenge and only 33 were recognized for going “above and beyond.”  The PCMS Math Department uses Khan Academy in classrooms for skills practice and to allow students to go beyond what they are learning in the classroom. 

    Port Chester Public Schools
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    New School Calendar

    The Board of Education approved a revised 2017-2018 school calendar.  It can be found under Quick Links on your school home page.

    Port Chester Public Schools
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    PCHS Marching Band Christmas Tree Sale is 12/2 and 12/3, from 10-4 on the PCHS Tennis Courts

    One Weekend Only!  December 2 and 3.   Support the Marching Band and buy your Christmas Tree at the band's annual sale.   The sale is located at the PCHS Tennis Courts (corner of Neuton Ave and Wesley Ave).  Local delivery available for a nominal fee.   All proceeds benefit the Port Chester High School Marching Band.

    Port Chester Public Schools
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    Professional Development Team from Edison School to Receive Prestigious National Award

    Three teachers from Thomas A. Edison School – Barbara Terracciano, Kelly Brucale and Amy Simmons – along with two educators from Manhattanville College – Dr. JoAnne Ferrara and Dr. Dee Gomez – will be the recipients of the 2018 Claudia A. Balach Teacher Researcher Award.  This prestigious award is given annually by the Professional Development School Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).  The educators will be honored at the AERA 2018 Annual Meeting in New York City in mid-April.

    Port Chester Public Schools
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